Stylish Looks to Wear In 2016 – Know What to Wear and What Not To

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Stylish Looks to Wear In 2016 – Know What to Wear and What Not To

The New Year has begun and each of us have had some or the other resolutions that we have made. But, for those fashion buffs, there is much more to making a mere resolution. They also need to know as to what is in and what is not. Looking trendy is not an easy task and if that was your resolution, then let’s makes things easy for you by bringing you information about Stylish looks to wear in 2016.

New Year is the time when there are a whole lot of fashion rules and something which was trending the previous year might not be the trend this year. So, it is important to know these as you can only focus on the trendy stuff.

So, folks, it is time you rearrange your wardrobe according to the trends in the year 2016.

  • Blouses have made their way instead of shirts this year and this also applies with the traditional looks.
  • Make sure you always wear those clothes which compliment your size. Never experiment with this.
  • Jewel toned apparels are very much in this year. Do opt for these rather than the regular colors. Like for example you can choose lehengas designed by Rinku Sobti.
  • More of relaxed silhouettes are the new trend this year. So, time to shop for some.
  • The New Year 2016 is for sure going to be the year with more breezy and fresh colors.
  • It is also important that you accessorize the way to look more often.
  • If you don’t believe, Androgynous fashion is still in trend even in year 2016.
  • For Men, Stylish looks to wear in 2016 starts with experimenting with their clothing.
  • You should stop following the dandy.
  • You should also make sure to learn to say a no to all those cumbersome clothing. Anything that would drown you cannot be practical. So, it is time to say no to too much of clothes.
  • Even make sure you say a big no to something which is very small or tight in fitting or something which is too revealing. Mystery dressing is very much in fashion.
  • And make sure you never follow those trends which look good on any celebrity as they are the models who are paid so that they look good. And they work hard to look attractive. So, be realistic about choosing those clothes that suit your body type.
  • Do make sure that you say no to heels which are high and the bags that are really big. So, keep it simple and stylish and dress sensibly.

Now that you know what is in and what is not in the year 2016, it is time you give your wardrobe a quick revamp. Start shopping as per what suits you the best and you are certainly going to nail the right look for the New Year. So, go shopping and flaunt your new look.

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