Phulkari Suits Fashion Repeats Itself

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Like History, Phulkari Suits Fashion Repeats Itself

The best thing that brings out the beauty of Phulkari is its enormous use and fashion in the Mughal times, the royals, the elite were wearing it and it has turned the course and again dominating the market with all its prime and glory. Every woman today wants to be dressed in the latest fashion, and today’s latest fashion is what the older era was all about. This beautiful fusion of the modern outlook and old designs and fashion has given way to a platform where numerous patterns and pieces raid the market. The comeback of Phulkari is a perfect example of how epoch fashion can make a drastic reappearance. The fashion suits have been seen as the most liked and outfit amongst the Indian attire during recent fashion.

The main reason which seems to be behind the increasing popularity is that these suits are highly feminine. It enhances the ‘I am women’ appeal in the most positive way. The new fashion has adopted the old designs and even given them new and fresh appearances to provide even a bigger market and liking amongst the customers. The conventional styles Phulkari’s are clubbed with backless choli’s for provide the youth something they can relate to and looks royal at the same time. Another very popular design in Phulkari these days is the double layered suits. The double layers have a net or transparent fabric which is clubbed with a highly decorated, designed inner piece which adds to the elegance. The designs may include anything from patch work, sequences, hand embroidery or beautiful stone work that enhances the look of the whole piece keeping other things in a lighter tone.

The Phulkari is also seen being clubbed with a long sheer jacket which is almost the length of the suit itself. It looks spectacular and adds to the flair of the suit and it becomes more striking when the fronts are decorated with designer laces and tie-ups. The extra flair adds to the volume of the suit and look regal. These Phulkari are generally worn with a churidar bottom. These bottoms are sometimes designed with stones and sequences at the end to add to the innovative look.  This is a great piece to look apart from the rest in a party or function.

The suits are for every occasion. They are appropriate to be worn on wedding ceremonies and parties and are all suited to be worn for festivities such as for Diwali, Dussehra or Navratri. For dandiya or such dancing occasion these full circle Phulkari look makes the wearer gleam bright.  Once you know what occasion you are buying your Phulkari for you will be easily able to select the make and the designs. The embroidered work on silk or cotton will be a choice according to the festival or the occasion. The designers’ pieces are available in all colors and thus make the purchase fun. The new shades that are covering the market are violet, wine, dark green and pink. The brighter the shade the better the Phulkari looks on the wearer.

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