Phulkari Kanchan Dupatta

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Beautiful Phulkari Kanchan Dupatta for more colours or designs visit

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eautiful Phulkari Kanchan dupatta with Sequel on Chiffon fabric; Machine embroidered with Sequel work , in the Phulkari work style. Great wear for parties, festivals, traditional occasions like weddings. Length: 2.3 mtr; Width: 35 in Care: Dry Clean Only About the Craft: Phulkari literally means floral (Phul) work (Kari).;Phulkari is an ancient craft of ;Punjab;and artisans employing this craft are quite sought after . Phulkari comes in all ;shapes and sizes. You will come across beautiful ;Phulkari motifs on shawls, headscarves and 'odhanis' or 'dupatta', which are ideal for daily utility.; ;Phulkari dupattas and sarees were ;traditionally gifted as a wedding gift to the bride, but now apart from bridal wear, it is extremly popular as traditional party wear. ;Phulkari stoles can even be work with western dresses as a scarf. Enjoy this amazing craft of India with Sahej Suits ( )

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