Phulkari – Fashion and You

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Phulkari – Fashion and You

Phulkari – Fashion and You

Phulkari means making floral art of a cloth or a fabric. It is an ancient and one of the oldest embroidery techniques started in the ancient India, now a part of Pakistan. In the state of Punjab this art is very popular. Traditional workers promoted and updated this art and made beautiful design of flower on the piece of fabric.

It is a very complex work and only professional workers can do it effectively and efficiently. In the starting stage, this art covered all the forms of traditional embroidery but afterwards the art was limited to garments like scarves and shawls. A special type of phulkari is done on the garment fabric that people wear on special occasions like marriages, childbirth, etc.

 In modern times, perception of people has changed towards this artwork. If you are a true admirer of ancient art, then you should try out the garments made in phulkari art. This art is gaining popularity among the young generation as they find it very appealing and comfortable.

One of the great advantages about the garments made with this art is that they can team up with any modern garment and will not affect your look and style. For those who want to try out something different, they can get one of the phulkari garments to wear. It will give you a very new look and will merge easily with your jeans or other western outfits.

Professional and old experienced workers use this type of art on all types of clothing material. So you can wear it or you can use it on your cushions of your dressing room. Cushion covers made with phulkari gives a vibrant look and style to the room and if you have matching bed sheets, then it will add more beauty to your home. Products made in this art have a wide range.

Young people will find this art very interesting and captivating as it draws their attention instantly. They can choose from a wide variety of products ranging from suits and lehengas to bed sheets and cushions. Young girls love to wear suits that have this type of art over them. These types of fabrics are not only very light but also give you a special look.

Young girls will also love to get a matching phulkari dupatta if they are wearing suits. The garments made with this art are generally available in plain shades but at the same time the shades can be dark or light. Shades may vary because it depends on the art done on them.

Phulkari suits for young girls are available in all kind of shapes and sizes. So they can choose from a wide range of vibrant colors and different sizes. Suits come in good fitting or can be loose and more comfortable. One of the most important and unique features of these suits made using phulkari art is the art put on them. I bet you, young girls or girls of any age group will fall in love with them instantly.

Conclusively, phulkari is a traditional and ancient art of India and it's striking back among all young girls. This art is typically used for garments to wear and even for decoration of your rooms.

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