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The Shravana or the monsoon month carries all hues and shades of nature and emotions. Religiously speaking Shravan is a pious month and full moon of this all-important month is considered to be a very holy day. It is celebrated in different ways for different reasons almost throughout the country.

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Buy Phulkari Dupatta Online - Traditional Clothing from Punjab

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Phulkari is one if the thing which is liked by most of the people. This word literally has the meaning and has been translated into flower work. It has the history which is etched into the culture of the Punjab. It is spun from the charkha and this spectacular style of the embroidery is also patterned on shawals, odinis, chunris and kurtis. The main characteristics of this Phulkari embroidery are such as the use of darn stitch on one of the wrong side of the cloth with all colored silken thread.

The phulkari is also an art of the embroidery as well as it is the creation of itself and is also called as the phulkari. Mostly all the duppattas (huge stoles) are also embroidered with the stich of phulkari. However anything from all those bags to the cushion covers can also bring a spark of the color with this unique craft. A face of such fashion that also finds that is first mentioned in Punjabi folklore of all the romantic protagonists like Ranjha and Heer. Phulkari is a dream weaver for every Punjabi girl.

Buy 2 Kurti & Get 15% Additional Off

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Buy 2 Kurti & Get 15% Additional Off

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Salwar Kameez

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